Why Slotted Pipe?
Slotted plastic pipe systems offer a number of advantages over typical round hole perforated systems.  Often angular or rounded gravels and backfills can effectively block a significant percentage of a perforated fole's open area, restricting its ability to collect.  Slots are not easily plugged by these backfills allowing the superior open area of slotted pipe to lower intake velocities, reducing silting and the possibility of plugging.
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Western Well Screen not only provides drilling and well supplies; we also provide cost effective solutions in the manufacture of flush-joint PVC screen and riser
products for environmental, water-well, municipal, and commercial applications utilizing schedule 40-PVC, schedule 80-PVC, HDPE, and Polysulfone —to note a few materials. We also provide cost effective custom fabrication solutions for your slotted pipe application.
    We are a family owned and operated business, and have provided Quality Products & Exceptional Service to the industry since 1986. We can fill your needs for sampling supplies, monitor well supplies, drilling supplies, PVC slotted screen & PVC riser, and environmental products.
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